Lucretia Mott

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Women's suffrage, Slavery Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Lucretia Mott
“All men are born equally free” (Salmon P. Chase). Nowadays, this simple statement is a part of our everyday thought. Back in the 1800’s, it was the complete opposite. African American’s were not treated equally; they were forced as slaves with no rights or opinions. Women also were not treated equally; they were deprived of rights that men had such as the ability to vote. Many people were outraged and fought out in a violent way, such as the civil war. Yet others had a different approach and fought out in a nonviolent way, otherwise known as civil disobedience. Lucretia Mott was a Quaker born in Nantucket, Massachusetts, who acted out in civil disobedience against the inequality of slaves and women. She set the foundation for the generations to come by raising awareness on anti-slavery and women’s rights. Her acts of civil disobedience eventually led to the women’s right to vote, and the freedom of slaves.

Lucretia Mott committed many acts of civil disobedience throughout her lifetime. She gave speeches and sermons on anti-slavery and womans rights, she organized many conventions and was involved with many anti-slavery and womans rights associations, and she participated in acts against the government. Lucretia was known for her ability to give memorable speeches within her religious group, even though it was a period of time when women we not supposed to speak publicly. She used her speeches inform people on the horrors of slavery. She encouraged her listeners to boycott products that were made by slaves. She also used her speeches to inform people on the nonexistent womans rights. Lucretia published her speech, “Discourse on Women” arguing that women should have equal rights and that she wanted changes in the married womans property laws. She also organized many conventions and was involved with many associations. In 1866 Lucretia was elected the president of the American Equal Rights Association, an association that focused on giving...
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