Lucky Lanka Yogurt Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix / Pages: 4 (845 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2015
Marketing is the activity, set of organizations, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers as well as clients also partners and society at large. In the marketing process discuss about four factors. Those things are called 4P’s or marketing mix elements. Those are

(1) Product
(2) Price
(3) Place
(4) promotion

Product is valuable thing for every organization. If there is no point to manufactured or develop product or services without any need or wants. Each and every successfully company in the market there wining secrete is first of all they identify customers wants and need and then develop right product in right level with right level of quality.
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In the market customers al way try to buy valuable thing with low price .There for they earn profit with this strategy. Other thing is lucky Lanka yogurts can be buy in the each and every place in the Sri Lanka .Because some competitors products (yogurts) are cannot to buy each and every place .Because they deliver their products only selected areas. But customer can buy Lucky Lanka yogurts in super market as well as small shops. So that things are explain lucky Lanka understood customer wants and they deliver their product to the customer as they wish .It is the most vital thing in their marketing strategy. Other important thing is in these days promotion. Promotion can be done by various ways .There are so many methods have to promote product and services. In the promotion can be used mass media, paper advertisement, promotion campaign and can be used ‘buy one get one free’ options, seasonal discounts, contests, samples or even special coupons with expiration dates. Using these thing get the competitive advantage rather other competitors. Some yogurt companies give three by one for customers .In the Sri Lankan market most customers like to get benefits so Lucky Lanka also follow those kind of method for their

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