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Unit 1



Exploring the Writing Process



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Prewriting to Generate Ideas

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Exploring the
Writing Process
A: The Writing Process
B: Subject, Audience, and Purpose

You might engage students in
a discussion about the kinds of
writing they already have done
for college or work, as well as
the kinds of writing they expect
to do in their future professions.

id you know that the ability to write well characterizes the most successful college students and employees—in fields from education to medicine to computer science? Skim the job postings in career fields that interest you and notice how many stress “excellent writing and communication skills.” Furthermore, reading and writing enrich our daily lives; in surveys, adults always rate reading, writing, and speaking well as the most important life skills a person can possess. The goal of this book is to help you become a more skilled, powerful, and confident writer. You will see that writing is not a magic ability only a few are born with, but a life skill that can be learned. The first chapter presents a brief overview of the writing process, explored in greater depth throughout the book. Now I invite you to decide to excel in this course. Let Evergreen be your guide, and enjoy the journey.

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A. The Writing Process
Many people have the mistaken idea that good writers simply sit down and write out a perfect letter, paragraph, or essay from start to finish. In fact, writing is a process consisting of a number of steps:

Visual representation of verbal
processes helps visual and
other learners. To underscore the
recursive nature of the writing
process, write the three steps
in a circle on the board, using
arrows to show how a writer can
move forward or back, from step
to step.

The Writing Process

Thinking about possible subjects
Freely jotting ideas on paper or computer
Narrowing the subject and writing your main idea in one sentence Deciding which ideas to include
Arranging ideas in a plan or outline


Getting Started




Nonnative students may fail
to understand the importance
of speaking English whenever
possible. Urge them to practice
speaking and writing English with
a friend or study partner. Stress
that this discipline is key to success in this course and in their careers.

Writing the first draft

Rethinking, rearranging, and revising as necessary
Writing one or more new drafts
Proofreading for grammar and spelling errors

Not all writers perform all the steps in this order, but most prewrite, write, and revise. Actually, writing can be a messy process of thinking, writing, reading what has been written, and rewriting. Sometimes steps overlap or need to be repeated. The important thing is that writing the first draft is just one stage in the process. “I love being a writer,” jokes Peter De Vries. “What I can’t stand is the paperwork.” Good writers take time at the beginning to prewrite—to think, jot ideas, and plan the paper—because they know it will save time and prevent frustration later. Once they write the first draft, they let it “cool off.” Then they read it again with a fresh, critical eye and revise—crossing out, adding, and rewriting for more clarity and punch. Good writers are like sculptors, shaping and reworking their material into something more meaningful. Finally, they proofread for grammar and spelling errors so that their writing seems to say, “I am proud to put my name on this work.” As you practice writing, you will discover your own most effective writing process.

Encourage students to perform
similar self-assessments each
time they receive...
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