Luck and Success

Topics: Luck, Success, Superstition Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Success is just an ongoing process, if you stop trying you will fail, and if you will try ever, you will never fail.

SUCCESS IS THAT OLD ABC- ABILITY, BREAKS AND COURAGE. This is very well said by Charles Luckman, note: his lastname is "Luckman" but he was not very lucky, he has very struggling and terrible life and today he was well known Business and Architect.

So, there is no secret of success, you just have to try hard and hard, but there are many factors, which will be beneficial for you to succeed, they are: 1. Sincerety
2. Discipline
3. Objective
4. Preparation
5. Skills
6. Opportune moments
7. Support of family & friends
8. Knowledge
9. Confidence...etc.

Success is the co-incident of hard-work and soft-luck!

It is a matter of fact that people all want to be successful in life, yet everyone has his own definitions of success and distinct ways to achieve it. Many have come to think that people succeed owing to hard work but luck. From my point of view, I am in t complete agreement with this statement for some reasons as following.

First, it goes without saying that hard work plays an indispensable role in success. Never can you gain anything without making a great effort. For instance, you want a high grade in tomorrow test, then you must burn the midnight oil. Similarly, a peasant will definitely have an abundant harvest after working till late at night throughout the year. “Hard work will pay off”, how often do we hear these words. Clearly, there is no substitute for hard work. No matter how intelligent you are, you can not go places wthout working with a vengeance. As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. In fact, according to scientists, working you ass off for 10,000 hours makes you a genius whether you are talented or not. Thus, it is obvious that you succeed by dint of hard work.

Second, luck has no bearing on success. However, some people consider luck a crucial part...
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