Lubricant Industry in China 2013-2016

Topics: Petroleum, Supply and demand, Capitalism Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: July 4, 2014
China Lubricant Industry Report, 2013-2016

In recent years, China has attached more importance to the recycling of waste lubricant, and issued a series of favorable policies. However, China only recycles and reuses 6% -8% of lubricant. In theory, China's annual output of waste lubricant hit 3 million tons or more, embodying huge development potentials. At present, a number of waste lubricant regeneration projects are under construction or go into operation, such as Baosteel’s 7,000 t/a waste lubricant project, Fujian Sanming Steel’s waste lubricant regeneration project, Tangshan You Yi Sheng Xing's 60,000 t/a waste lubricant regeneration project. Amid the slow growth of the global economy, although China's automobile output and ownership maintain rapid growth, the development of construction machinery manufacturing industry, transportation industry, construction industry and other industries slows down, which greatly depresses the boom of Chinese lubricant market. In 2013, China’s lubricant output and sales volume fell sharply, wherein the output plunged by 30.2% years on year to 5,896,900 tons. Affected by the distribution of resources, China lubricant industry is featured with apparent regional characteristics. Production areas mainly concentrate in East China, Northeast China and North China. In 2013, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanghai and Guangdong ranked the top four Chinese provinces by lubricant output. Particularly, Liaoning produced 1,391,100 tons, accounting for 23.8% of the national output. View Complete Report @ . By the end of 2013, there had been over 4,000 Chinese lubricant production enterprises. State-owned brands represented by Great Wall (Sinopec) and Kunlun (CNPC) as well as foreign brands including Shell, Mobil, BP, FUCHS and Total occupied most share of Chinese lubricant market. In 2013, Great Wall and Kunlun seized 51.2% market share together, while foreign companies grasped...
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