Ltc 315 R1 Living Environments Worksheet

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Living Environments Worksheet

Use this worksheet to identify and describe five different living environments for the aging population. The environments should progress from most to least independent.

Write 50- to 150-word responses to the following questions. Use your own words and provide examples to support your answers.

1. Which of these environments were you already familiar with? Explain your answer.

In doing research on the different types of living environments I must say that the one was familiar with is assisted living facilities. I say this because as a patient ages the more that a provider and family member will push for the patient to be put into an assisted living facility to receive care when needed. I feel that this facility is one of the most common living environment in the health care field today.

2. Which environment do you feel is the most important or least important? Explain why.

When it comes to the health care living environments I feel that there is not one or another that is least important. I think that all living environments are important since they are providing care to patients. However, if I had to choose I would have to the say that the living environment that I feel is the least important is sheltered housing. This is because with this type of living environment they do assist with care however, this is done in their own home and only provided a certain amount of care to the patients.


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