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Topics: Writing, Linguistics, Semantics Pages: 9 (3040 words) Published: August 31, 2010
These papers contain about the application of five scientific texts characteristics in the LTBI journal of UNIMED which is published on 2nd November 2009. There are five articles in the journal. The articles are (1) The use of reading materials accessed from the internet under cooperative learning strategy to improve the quality of teaching and learning drama by DR. Sri Minda Murni, M.S, (2) Grammatical metaphor in internet news by Juli Rachmadani Hasibuan, S.Pd, M.Hum, (3) Semantic anomaly in news program seputar Indonesia by Feryanti Elina Gultom, (4) Teaching writing-genre based approach by Drs. Zainuddin, M.hum, and (5) Thematic structures in computer help menu texts by Akmal. Scientific article is one published in a journal, which is a printed or electronically displayed matter covering publications of one discipline or branch of knowledge. The function is to inform or communicate research findings to the audience (scientists, researchers, students, etc.). A scientific article is commonly derived from a research report. In other words, a scientific article is a research finding appearing in the form of an article. Occasionally it may be derived from a critical review of literature or a conception of a specific topic. The characteristics of scientific texts are objective, impersonal, technical, practical, and written language. 1.Objective

An objective concept means one which is perceived similar by all persons regardless of the surrounding elements, such as temporal, spatial, manner characteristic. On the contrary, a subjective idea is one which is contextually dependent, that is the idea varies in terms of location and manner. Subjectivity is coded by linguistic aspects of mental process ( that is verbs coding cognition, affection, and perception such as know, realize, understand, feel, like, love, hate, etc), epithet (that is adjectives which accept intensifier very and degrees of comparisons such as high, low, pretty, good, etc), modality ( which codes assessment, opinion, personal judgments, such as certain, may, will, can, sometimes, must, etc), euphemism (wash my hand, pass away, ask one’s hand), and connotative meanings. To get objectivity in a scientific text, the use of the five subjective elements should be avoided or if not possible be minimized. 2.Impersonal

Impersonality is involvement of the writer of the text typically coded as personal pronouns I, we, s/he, and the writer is avoided. To maintain the objectivity, pronouns are not used. 3.Technical

Technicality refers to a linguistic form which conveys meanings of a number of other linguistic forms. In other words, technicality contains condensed meaning of words. A technical term is constituted by three elements, namely the term, definition with a, process (typically relational process) in between the term and definition. For example, sound in sounds is a compression of wave that can be heard is technical term. 4.Practical

The practicality of scientific texts indicates that words or linguistic resources used are economical and unambiguous. Specifically the coding of propositions or ideas in more than one clause is preferred to be represented in a single clause. 5.Written language

Written language differs from spoken language not merely in terms of medium in the sense that spoken language is coded in or realized by sounds (phonemes) and that written language is coded in scripts (grapheme) but also in lexicogrammatical aspects. It is specified that spoken language has high grammatical intricacy (GI) and low lexical density (LD) whereas written language has low GI and low LD. GI refers the number of clause in a sentence and LD describes number of content words (Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb). The goals of these papers are to analyze the application of five scientific texts characteristics in the articles. All of these characteristics are very important in writing scientific texts. So, the writers of scientific texts...

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