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Topics: Chicago, 2000, 1920 Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Assignment 4
Read the article "Chicago falls out of 1st in murders" by David Heinzman from the Chicago Tribune, Jan. 1, 2003.  Then answer the following questions in your Word document. a. Does the headline "Chicago falls out of 1st in murders" refer to an absolute quantity or a relative quantity?  In other words, did Chicago fall out of first in absolute terms or in relative terms?  Briefly explain. It dropped out of first in absolute terms – pure number of homicides. This is mentioned in the second paragraph. It is still #1 with regards to homicide rate, a relative quantity. This is noted in the graph at the top. b. Let us look more carefully at the complete 2001 data. (This is the data for the year before the article)  Open the file HomicidesForCities2001.xls.  Sort the data by the absolute number of murders.  Which three cities had the highest number of murders in 2001? Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles

c. In Column D, calculate the homicide rate (homicides per person).  Paste into your Word document the top five rows of the resulting table. Chicago, Illinois| 2910709| 665| 0.000228|
New York, New York| 8023018| 649| 8.09E-05|
Los Angeles, California| 3763486| 588| 0.000156|
Detroit, Michigan| 956283| 395| 0.000413|
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania| 1518302| 309| 0.000204|
Note: New York’s rate is “8.09E-05.” This means 8.09*10^-5 or 0.0000809 (move the decimal to the left 5 times. d. Now sort the data by column D.  Which three cities had the highest murder rates in 2001? Fairfield, AL, Gary,In, and Opa Locka, FL

    e.  How many times greater was the murder rate for the Fairfield, Alabama than the rate for Chicago? 4.23 0.000965/ 0.000228 = 4.23
Fairfield’s rate is 4.23 times greater than Chicago’s

    f.  There were exactly four cities with population greater than 500,000 with a rate higher than Chicago's.  Which were they? Memphis, Baltimore, DC, Detroit
   g.  Now sort by column B (population) in...
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