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Topics: Conflict, Organizational conflict, Decile Pages: 6 (1472 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Part I: Personal Conflict Style for Self-Development (Primary, Backup, & Limiting)

In my opinion, the Life Styles Inventory illustrated scores on how I recognize my conflicts. Below conflict styles represent my strengths and weakest styles.

• My primary conflict style was Conciliator, which I scored the highest on and (95th percentile). • My backup conflict style was Pragmatist, which I scored the second highest score(93rd percentile) • My limiting conflict style was Dominator, which I scored the (10th percentile)

|Position |Style |Score |Percentile | |1 |Conciliator |39 |95 | |2 |Relationship Builder |34 |70 | |3 |Accommodator |9 |25 | |4 |Regulator |16 |63 | |5 |Insulator |14 |44 | |6 |Avoider |6 |55 | |7 |Escalator |7 |50 | |8 |Dominator |2 |10 | |9 |Competitor |16 |70 | |10 |Perfectionist |23 |69 | |11 |Pragmatist |38 |93 | |12 |Self-Empowered |34 |80 |

The LSI is in two categories: Constructive Style and Aggressive/ Defensive Style. As the above diagram shows, I consistently was in the Constructive Style. Constructive style is consisted of Pragmatist, Self-Empowered, Conciliator, and Relationship Builder. Pragmatist is characterized by the belief that conflicts are expected and can be useful in achieving goals and practical solutions to problems. Self-Empowered reflects the view that conflict is not just a practical reality but virtual force for personal and social development. Conciliator represents the belief that people are basically well-intentioned and wants to work through their differences in mutually-beneficial and fair ways. Relationship Builder characterized by belief that conflict is a natural part of living and working together; as long as people value their relationships, they will find ways to work out their differences. (pg 14 LSI Conflict) The LSI, in my opinion, suggests that constructive styles reflects self-enhancing thinking and conflict that contribute to one’s level of satisfaction, ability to develop healthy relationships and works effectively with people, and proficiency at accomplishing tasks.

(I tried to use paint software to illustrate my diagram – this was the best I could do)

My highest score was Conciliator. The Constructive Style describes me well. I couldn’t have said it better. This style exhibits the following treats (to name a few):

• Willing to take time with people
I really do believe in taking time to help people when they most need it. • Respects confidences
I like when a group come to me because they know I will help them finish a task that is assigned. • Encourages other
This is true about me. Encouragement makes a different in anything one do.

• Enjoys settling disputes
I believe positive outcome is possible.

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