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What is LSD?

LSD is an extreme hallucinogenic drug which was
synthesized by Albert Hofmann and became known for its
hallucinogenic effect when he accidentally absorbed a small
amount through his finger tips and took a bicycle ride which was the origin of “bicycle day”. LSD was then experimentally used to treat patients with mental illnesses, alcohol
addiction, and was also used to treat severe depression in ill cancer patients. When these studies showed little proof of
improvement. The experiments were shut down.
It can be consumed in several different forms such as:
Tablets(microdots), Tabs(one-square inch sized absorbent
paper soaked in LSD with colorful designs), sugar cubes, and gelatin squares.
LSD is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

Where is it obtained from?

LSD is synthesized from a fungus
known as Ergot.

Ergot refers to a group of fungi of the
Claviceps genus.

This fungus is known to grow on rye
and other grains, and produces
alkaloids which can cause ergot
poisoning in humans if contaminated
grains are consumed.

Ergot alkaloids have many biological
activities including effects on

Physical Effects

Physical effects of LSD may include
loss of appetite, sleeplessness,
tremors, dilated pupils, numbness,
nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, as
well as increased body temperature,
heartbeat, blood pressure, lack of
muscle coordination, heart and lung
failure, and decreased awareness to
pain which can cause self-inflicted

What’s really happening?

LSD is a drug that resembles the shape of
a neuron known as Serotonin and binds to
its receptor.
There are a number of serotonin receptors in the brain and they all carry out a specific function.
LSD binds to some receptors but not in the same way each time therefore its known to have unpredictable effects. LSD can
excite or inhibit these receptors.
LSD, like many other hallucinogens, excite a part of the brain known as the locus coeruleus. In this area, interneurons branch to different sensory areas in the brain. Locus coeruleus
regulates feelings such as wakefulness and response to
unexpected stimuli.

Potential Positive Effects

LSD has no properly documented medicinal
Due to experimentation with it being illegal
soon after its discovery, no sufficient health
benefits have been reported.
Clinical research on LSD became legal over
the last decade and is being researched for a
potential health benefit.

Psychological Effects

Psychological effects of LSD may
include sense of distance from reality,
depression, tremors, anxiety,
paranoia, violent behavior, loss of
control, confusion, behavior similar to
schizophrenic, and flashbacks which
are also very common after the use of
the drug and are often triggers of
anxiety related to the memory.

What is it composed of?

Ergot fungus contains Ergotamine which is
a type of peptide ergot alkaloid used to
synthesize Lysergic acid.
Lysergic acid is a nitrogen containing
phytotoxin and is therefore also an
Substances such as Lysergic acid,
phosphorous oxychloride, phosphorous
pentachloride, methylene chloride, and dry
pyridine are used to further synthesize LSD
in crystalized form which can then be
converted into a liquid for distribution.

LSD chemical composition

Federal Legislation

The use of LSD was thought to be therapeutic
and psychologically beneficial to individuals
suffering from mental illnesses, but as the
research progressed, very little solid proof was
visible in the patients and due to this, research
and use of the drug became illegal in the united
states in 1966.
The drug was still seen in the underground
market due to its hallucination effects.

Uncontrolled, Controlled, or Restricted?

I believe that LSD should be controlled and...
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