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Hanuman and weapons he used
Jai shri Ram,

With regards to Shri Hanuman and Weapons he used, in Shri Tulsi Ram charit mans there is no hint of Shri Hanuman using any kind of weapon not even gada, He may have many weapons with him but he never used it on anyone, as we know his another name is वज् अंग बलि i.e. his all body is as hard as varj (Shri INDRA'a weapon and know as one of the toughest weapon) therefore his hand is well enough to kill asur.. and This is clearly mention in Shri Tulsi Ram charit manas fifth chapter Sunder Kand:

मसक समान रूप कपि धरी। लंकहि चलेउ सुमिरि नरहरी॥ नाम लंकिनी एक निसिचरी। सो कह चलेसि मोहि निंदरी जानेहि नहीं मरमु सठ मोरा। मोर अहार जहाँ लगि चोरा॥ मुठिका एक महा कपि हनी। रुधिर बमत धरनीं ढनमनी

मिले सकल अति भए सुखारी। तलफत मीन पाव जिमि बारी॥ चले हरषि रघुनायक पासा। पूँछत कहत नवल इतिहासा तब मधुबन भीतर सब आए। अंगद संमत मधु फल खाए॥ रखवारे जब बरजन लागे। मुष्टि प्रहार हनत सब भागे

In both cases Shri Hanuman ji uses his Hand as weapon..

ALso i saw in may Pictures Lord hanuman as Old or with gray hair, which is compeletly wrong he is always young, always glowing like pure gold:

कन्चन वरण विराज सुवेशा " hanuman chalisa... again in sunder kand Sita mata gave boon to shri hanuman

"अजर अमर गुननिधि सुत होहू। करहुँ बहुत रघुनायक छोहू॥ करहुँ कृपा प्रभु अस सुनि काना। निर्भर प्रेम मगन हनुमाना॥2॥

भावार्थ:-हे पुत्र! तुम अजर (बुढ़ापे से रहित), अमर और गुणों के खजाने होओ। श्री रघुनाथजी तुम पर बहुत कृपा करें। 'प्रभु कृपा करें' ऐसा कानों से सुनते ही हनुमान्‌जी पूर्ण प्रेम में मग्न हो गए"

So i request to all to respect the words written in our scriptures and follow them rightly and do no manuplate things for self benefit. As doing this will bring disrespect for our great relegion..

Thanks and regards...
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