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How to create powerful, profitable and sustainable connections with your customers, your business partners and your employees  
Any successful business or organization is dependent on the acquisition, development and growth of their customer base over time. Customers span three critical groups – 1) the end consumers who use a product or service, 2) external business partners (e.g., retailers, suppliers) who are necessary to operate a business, and 3) employees who represent internal customers as the lifeblood of a company or organization. All of these “customers” must be strategically managed for a business to achieve sustainable success. THE LOYALTY ADVANTAGE is designed to provide easy-to-use yet powerful tools to assess the customer relationships that affect the profitability and success of a business. Key trademarked frameworks – the Value Star™ and the Advantage Profile™ – are used to assess a business position from the point of view of 1) their customers and 2) their ability to develop a sustainable operating advantage for their own company. Specifically, THE LOYALTY ADVANTAGE process focuses on the following: Learn and use key frameworks that will help strategically assess how to create and sustain winning relationships with customers including consideration of the impact on a company’s brand, key capabilities and business model.  Learn and use approaches to build more strategic and influential relationships with key external partners (such as retailers, suppliers and outside expertise) that are critical in helping a company develop, manufacture, distribute and present its products and services to customers. In addition to building stronger loyalty connections with end customers and external partners, learn and use key ways to build more credible and influential relationships internally with key company stakeholders, internal partners, and one’s own team.  THE LOYALTY ADVANTAGE process uses practical approaches that can be used...
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