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Loyalty of Family

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What is loyalty? Loyalty is a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection. Loyalty is related to many other terms such: as Love, friendships, family relationship and many others. It is mostly of the time the basic of these other concept. Loyalty is only way to keep the people you love out of danger. For instance: if one of them going in a fight I will honestly, calm he/her down before, something bad happen. It is to be with a friend in good times and bad, time. Without the presence of loyalty, a strong relationship of any sort cannot be built. However, first we have to start with the real meaning of loyalty. It means to be faithful to a cause, faithful to someone to whom fidelity is held to be due.
Loyalty to friends is definitely important. A person will acquire loyalty from others only when he is loyal to them. Of course, everyone will not respond to his loyal attitude but definitely some will respond. It is a positive force in this case because a person can move ahead only if he/she has the goodwill of others. Also when a friend of my need me; I will go through everything to see what I can do, to help them: no matter what! People those days haven’t been raised with a sense of honor or grateful with the loyalty that I was raised with. And that’s why; I will start by the people I care about and never falter from that position. For example in an unconditional love, no matter what people told me about he or her I will always stand with this friend. But, that doesn’t mean if this person broke our trust it will be easy for me to forgiving. Loyalty builds character. A loyal, when your give respect to others and your will get respect on loyalty back to you. Carefully even of one’s of my friend collapse; I will try my best to motivate to work as hard as possible to achieve that goal. I consider loyalty to be a very important value, but then I certainly do not approve of stupid behavior like in your example. I am of the view that friends should know that they can there for one another in times of trouble not self-caused trouble where the person had to know better. I'm loyal to my family first. I was brought up to always put family first. My grandma instilled loyalty in my brothers and me. For example, my loyalty for my family is true and unconditional. My brother has a habit of being in and out of trouble. I admit it part of his fault and his way of life and through everything, through the anger, depression, and stress we as a family stood by his side knowing that he was wrong and remembering that my grandma said “Family first NO MATTER WHAT!” She always said loyalty was a rare quality. I am most loyal to family because they are always there for me, whether I'm wrong or right. Family loyalty is something I try to teach my children. Loyalty has to be taught...

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