Loyalty Card Proposal

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Due to the increase in competition in the Retail Industry, we must impose a new marketing strategy to retain our current customers.

Our main strategy is to create a reward program for customers through XM Plus Card Rewards Program.

Achieving the above will allow us to retain our current customers by motivating them to frequently buy from Xpress Mart.

I. Introduction
Modern marketing revolves around the Customer. It is an old and by-now universally accepted concept that the Customer is the King.

In recent years, the competition for customers has led many companies in the retail industry to implement a customer rewards program and provide significant incentives that deliver value well beyond reward points.

Xpress Mart can continue moving towards its vision to become the most dominant player in the retail industry by implementing a customer rewards program through offering loyalty cards to customers of Xpress Mart.

Therefore the traditional approach of making one-time sales is being replaced with making long term commitment to the customer and it can be possible through the XM Plus Card.

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this proposal is to capture an increasing share of new customers while retaining current customers through the customer reward program, the XM Plus Card.

1.2 Benefits
Increasing sales by motivating customers to frequently purchase from Xpress Mart and lowering advertising costs since the XM Plus Card will also be used as the company’s advertising material to attract new customers.

2.0 Proposal
Loyal customers not only provide a solid base for the company; they represent growth potential too. Implementing a rewards program through XM Plus Card is an effective way to attract new customers and to retain current customers to repeat purchases in all Xpress Mart branches. The company will give the loyal customers a degree of importance by providing incentives for their continuous support through the rewards program.

2.1 Overview of XM Plus Card
XM Plus Card resembles a credit card with the name of the customer in front and a black stripe at the back, it will make the customer feel special.

It is equipped with an electronic chip that stores membership information and incentive points earned through shopping in all Xpress Mart branches. It gives incentive to customers with points for every product purchase in Xpress Mart, and immediate redemption of incentives. The accumulated points can be used to purchase products and exchange for XM Gift Certificates.

2.1.1 Card Application and Registration
All Philippine residents aged 18 years old and above with a Valid Identification Card can obtain a XM Plus Card. Individuals who are below 18 years old can also join provided they obtain their parent's or guardian's consent. Parents or guardians should sign on the "Parent's Consent" portion found near the end of the Membership Application Form.

The following are steps in applying for the XM Plus Card:
Step 1: Fill out an XM Loyalty Card Application Form available at all XM Branches nationwide.

Step 2: Pay the membership fee of P100.00 at any XM Branch, or present receipts worth P5,000.00 accumulated over a 12-month period. Students can avail of the discounted application fee of P70.00 provided that they present a valid school I.D.

Step 3: Present the following at the XM Service Counter.
a. Fully accomplished application form
b. Proof of Identification
(e.g. Driver's License, SSS ID, TIN ID, ATM Card, Credit Card, Company/School ID, Voter's ID, Passport, Barangay ID, Club ID) c. Payment receipt of membership fee or accumulated receipts worth P5,000.00 Step 4: Receive a temporary card while waiting for the release of the XM Plus Card.

Step 5: Obtain the XM Plus Card from the branch that the application form was submitted and the payment was made by presenting a...
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