Loyalists of Anson County

Topics: United Kingdom, Wales, Northern Ireland Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: April 3, 2006
History 1050 sec.12
Loyalists of Anson County
The Loyalists of Anson County believed that there loyalty to the British parliament, and the king where their first and only true responsibility. They believed that even though they where thousands of miles away and across the great sea, they still needed to submit as if they where still living in Britain; in doing this they trusted that the king would support and protect them. The Loyalists believed that Parliament was there only real guidance and protection of the civil and religious liberties in which they shared. The Loyalists or Tories as they where many of times called wanted to continue to support parliament from the new world because they knew that their forefathers had fought hard to gain the civil liberties in which they so graciously enjoyed in Britain; they had also fought and worked hard to set up a constitution for the people to be governed by. So the people wanted to honor them for all the hard work and sacrifice they endured. If they where to go against the King then they would be going against their duty and honor that had been set up by their ancestors before them. One of the greatest aspects that Britain protected the colonist in was the sea. Britain had one of the greatest and most feared naval powers in the world. If the colonist where to revolt against Britain then their supplies would surly be cut off and their bays would be annihilated by the British fleets. Not only did Britain have a far superior naval fleet but their army was also trained and had legendary leadership; where as the colonist did not even have an army but rather a group of common workers that volunteered to put down their pitchforks and pick up muskets all in order to defend their land. These common men formed a group in which they called the minutemen. Although these minutemen where not the best trained fighters, they fought with great urgency and determination, since it was their own families...
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