Lowry's The Giver: Analysis of Style and Message

Topics: Lois Lowry, Fiction, The Giver Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: January 18, 2009
As we finish Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver, you will be writing an essay which analyzes her style and message. When authors tell a story, their goal is not only to tell a good story, but to tell it well, and to tell it in a way that communicates a deeper message. Writers use the elements of storytelling to convey this message in a very subtle way. They use such things as: Point of view: so we see the story through the eyes of a particular character Character development/characterization- so we see how characters changes as they react to events in the story Conflict: so we see how characters react to difficulties with other characters/situations, or how they behave when faced with difficult decisions. Irony: so we can see the contrast between reality and what characters see or want to see. Dictation: so we can infer the mood of the story, or the author’s attitude toward the story from the words she/he chooses. Setting: so we can understand the social and cultural context in which the characters act and react to their situations. Imagery: so we can vicariously experience the same things experienced by the character in the novel, and so we can understand the mood of the story. Climax: so we can observe how the turning point in the novel changes situations and/or characters. Foreshadowing: so we can understand how the author uses clues or hints to suggest what will happen next or later in the story. Euphemism: so we can see how the author uses less offensive vocabulary. Paradox: so we can see how a seemingly contradictory to emphasize a point they wish to make. These are just some of the literary elements you may examine in your essay about The Giver, and there are many other literary devices/elements authors use. These, you will address in other analytical essays throughout the year. Before you can write the analytical essay, however, you need to understand the author’s message. For this essay a Critical Lens essay, you will examine how the story supports or...
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