Topics: Natural environment, Global warming, Environment Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: June 5, 2013
A. Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues

1. Lowe’s decision to advance in domestic metropolitan areas brings up the concern of urban spread. Limited space and destruction of natural habitats are some factors affecting Lowe’s expansion. A future threat may be ensuring they are protecting any endangered habitats with their expansion or ensuring they do not build on protected land. The natural environment offers many opportunities to Lowe’s as long as they continue to preserve the resources they sell. An example of this would be to ensure their lumber suppliers are being provided from companies that are replanting after cultivating the raw product. Since lumber was the second highest sales area for this study, ensuring reforestation would be essential in sustainability. a) By evaluating their carbon footprint and electricity usage, Lowe’s could play a significant role in keeping global climate change to a minimum. Significant global warming may also affect sales pertaining to new insulation technology to air conditioners. b) Severe storms will positively affect Lowe’s sales due to the need for reconstruction of damaged homes. These events from Mother Nature will positively affect sales, but will negatively affect the consumers. 2. Dependent on which part of the world Lowe’s decides to expand; significant weather could play different roles on a particular store. In the Asian-pacific arena, tsunami may be the largest threat to the area. Not only could it threaten the consumers and there homes, but the retail store itself could take extensive damage from theses storms, if a store is opened near India, than earthquakes may be the most significant danger associated with these forces.

B. Societal Environment

1. The economic downturn is probably the largest, and most important environmental factor affecting Lowe’s for the current time. a) With the crash of the housing market Lowe’s may be struggling to sell to contractors due to the slow home sales...
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