lowering ur gaze

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Lowering Your Gaze

Lowering are gaze is important for all of us because it protects us from haram actions and thoughts. The book talks about it in many aspects like if you lower your gaze you protect yourself from shatan and temptation. It may be a struggle but it is possible because it is said in the book that Allah (SWT) will not burden us with anything we cant handle. Also the books gives an interesting question, why are we embarrassed to commit sins in front of people but not Allah (SWT). This question makes me think of many things like me I always am embarrassed do sin in front of people but I never think that Allah (SWT) is watching me when I commit a sin. So inshaalah will not commit sin in front of Allah and that mean inshallah I will not commit any sins anymore. There is also a story which is stated in the chapter it is said in the story that a vey pious man is told to watch a sister of 3 brothers who are going in battle. Shatan tempts this very pious man and he has a child with the sister and then shatan keeps whispering in his ear. He doesn’t want to lose his position in the village so he kills the sister and tells the brothers she dies of an illness. The brothers have a dream and they find out the pious man killed the sister. These are many reasons why I think lowering our gaze is so important. Also if we always remember Allah (SWT) shatan will not be able to whisper into are ears.
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