Lower Drinking Age

Topics: Drinking culture, National Minimum Drinking Age Act, Legal drinking age Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Most children are very excited about turning 18 because it means adulthood, running off to college, and gaining freedom. When turning this age, you are allowed to join the military, get married and receive all the rights and responsibilities of an adult. However, having a wedding at this age means that during the celebration, one is not allowed to share a glass of Champaign during the toasts because the drinking age is 21. The United States is one of the few countries in the world to have such a high legal drinking age. Therefore the drinking age should be lowered to 18 because you are able to sign your life away and go to war, young adults in other countries are able to handle the responsibilities, and the different age limits do not coordinate with the responsibilities.

The legal drinking age in the United States was once 18, but that all changed when the 1984 law was passed. This law was called the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. This law stated if states did not comply with this law, “they were then threatened to withhold 5% of the state’s federal highway fund“ (Lewis & Carlan). States were also threatened with “additional 5% if they failed to increase their drinking age to 21 years of age“ (Lewis & Carlan). With this law in effect, all states then conformed to the legal drinking age of 21. If the states did not conform, they would then lose a great amount of funding. An “estimated loss of revenue for the states over a two-year period, if they failed to comply, ranged from $7.8 million for New Hampshire to $99.6 million for Texas“ (Lewis & Carlan). Even though the act was legal, it was also a trap. It was not a choice that the states could make for themselves, it was more of a threat. Though the legal drinking age at 18 had no negative effects on society, this law made all states raise their legal drinking age.

Eighteen year olds hold many responsibilities including being able to get married, have children, and drive a car. But the...
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