Lower Canadian Rebellions

Topics: Canada, Lower Canada Rebellion, Quebec Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: February 1, 2006
The Lower Canadian Rebellion of 1837-38: The Cause of Accumulating Events The Rebellions of 1837 were a pair of Canadian armed uprisings that occurred in 1837 in response to frustrations in political reform and ethnic conflict. The rebellions occurred in two Canadian colonies: Lower Canada and Upper Canada. The Lower Canadian Rebellion was a larger and more sustained conflict pursued by French and English Canadian rebels against the British colonial government. The Upper Canadian Rebellion was an unsuccessful uprising in Upper Canada against the Family Compact. Although the Upper and Lower Canadian Rebellions differed, they shared the common goal of establishing a responsible government. In November 1837 the Lower Canadian Rebellion began and was led by Robert Nelson and Louis-Joseph Papineau. The Lower Canadian Rebellion of 1837 stems from a culmination of events that further fuelled the populations discontent with the British Empire. The essential events that led to the Lower Canadian Rebellion gravitate towards the conflict of cultures, the rise in nationalism and the rejection of the Ninety-Two Resolutions. These three elements describe the beginning, the rise and the climax of Lower Canadian Rebellions of 1837-38 The initial conflict that led to the beginning of the Lower Canadian rebellion originates from the clash of the French and English culture. The French and the English first entered into conflict after the first elections of 1792. "The French held the majority of the elected Legislative Assembly and had been gaining power since the end of the war of 1812." The French prevented the Assembly from granting funding to English projects such as merchant trade routes. The English felt as though they were the minority and were angered by constantly being subjected to the French majority. They also felt as though the British Government was favoring the French. The English had witnessed the lengths to which the British Government had pleased the French in...
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