Lowell Girls

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Girl Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Sophia Dang
AP U.S. History
Mr. Wilson
Compare and Contrast the Opinions of Lowell Girls
In the 19th century, some female workers called Lowell girls were women who worked in textile factories that some of girls thought it is a good opportunity for female to work outside of their homes and got chances to reflect more women roles in the society so they were satisfied and happy of their jobs; however, some people believe that Lowell Girls were treated unfairly because they had bad working conditions, long working hours, low wages and small respect from other people therefore they believe Lowell Girls were unhappy.

The similarities of the opinions of Lowell Girls are most people include Lowell Girls know that they did not have a fair standard of living because they had long working hours, short rest times, low wages, bad working conditions, strict rules and they only gained a little respect from the society. The document B and the document E showed that Lowell Girls had long working hours but limited rest times. The document B is a valid table that recorded working hours of girls and it showed they worked at the average 11 hours per day. The document E is a realistic resource because it stated, “it seems to have been generally conceded, that the time allotted to meals is very short-where the operatives have tolerable appetites. ” The document recorded the situation that Lowell girls had limited spare time everyday and it hoped factories could add more free time for girls to eat. These two documents reflect they did not a good working condition due to long working hours and short spare time. They also needed to obey strict rules by the evidence provided by the valid document A that “the doors must be closed at 10’o clock in the evening; no person admitted after time” and “those who keep the houses, when required, must give an account of the number, names and employment of their boarders.” The document A is a valid argument because it stated...
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