Low Visibility

Topics: Marriage, The Kill, KILL Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Low Visibility
Laura is married to her husband John, a marriage where John is very dominating and John finds contentment by being violent towards Laura, and she is taking the violence lying down, she had resigned herself. Laura is only spoken when spoken to, and her relationship with John, most of all reminds of something that belongs to the past. “She wishes she could protest, but has forgotten how” This is a good example of how she cannot stand up for herself, but it also shows us that it not always has been this way. Before she met John she was a lively, independent girl, who could make everybody laugh. It was first when she met John she became the women she is now, the only thing remaining from her time before John is this gemstone called tiger eye stone, who gives her hope in hard times. Laura’s marriage has reduced her from being a popular girl to a simple object with no liberty, and she is very sad and frustrated about this especially because she married John of pity in the first place. During the story Laura develops from being this cowed wife, who does not have guts to even answer her husband, into a new more independent Laura, who shows his husband her back. The story takes place in their home were they are watching the news about some riots that are fighting against the government, they had stand up and demanded their rights. The riots moved closer to Laura and John’s home, and Laura feels inspired by the riots, to stand up to her husband, and for the first time since their marriage say what she really feels. “”Don’t.” The sound of her voice startles her. She hasn’t spoken a word of command in four years.” Finally Laura had plucked up enough courage to steel herself and say what she all the time had wanted to say. The riots symbolize Laura’s anger, and create the opportunity for Laura to break free of the marriage. The story starts in media-in-res, with John and Laura watching the news on the TV. We hear the story as it goes, and the reader follows...
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