Low Technology Make Life Better

Topics: Simple living, Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Tse Ming Kin (Jack)
Advance A
Jame Wu
Jan 27 ,2011
Life with simple-technology
What do people usually do at home? They are probably chatting with others on the computer, playing computer games and watching movies. However, people are social animal and we want face to face to communicate with others and know more about our friends and neighbors. Nowadays, teenagers spend much time Googling on the internet, they are losing social skills. Bill Gates has built a advanced-technology home(‘Inside the House’), everything is user friendly and automatically done for people. He has a cosy entertainment place with smart technology hiding in everywhere and nowhere. He can do everything he wants at his home. Henry David Thoreau , has built a simple-technology home (‘Thoreau’s Home’)by his hand, built himself a tiny cabin in forest. He was proud of his house , because everything is simple-- simple to use and simple to maintain. I agree with Thoreau: A simple-technology house is better because a simple-technology house is easy and enrish people mind. People can enjoy their simpe life and save energy.

In simple-technology home, it is easier to maintain face to face communicate. Eg: Thoreau’s home is very simple without advanced-technology, such as television, PS3, there have less attraction in their house, push you have some outdoor activities or parties.So you would have much chance practice social skills, such as eye contact and body language. People face to face communicate instead of using the Internet or phone can achieve more self-confident , some people are even ashamed to say “hi!”to others. Life is simple without advanced-technology, if you are having dinner with your friend and the television is turning on, both of you will be distract from the television. As the result , advanced-technology home have too many distractions and we cannot communicate property. Simple-technology home provide a less attractive environment, allow people in be...
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