Low Staff Morale

Topics: Motivation, Housekeeping, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Reasons for staff morale being low maybe because of
i.Lack of proper training
ii.Too much work on an individual
iii.Poor maintained staff facilities eg, trolleys
iv.Use of poor scheduled methods of cleaning
v.Lack of goal attainment.
Lack of proper training of the staff is going to bring down their motivation to do their work since they are never going to be comfortable with their work. Lack of training amongst the staff will mean the supervisors will have to follow the employees around making it harder to make the employee to enjoy their work and the supervisor to have more work. Both the supervisor and the junior staff will be under motivated. We can change all that if the junior staff are taken through the correct training. This will make them feel more confident to approach their jobs and also their motivation will increase because they know what is expected in them. Too much work on an individual will definitely cause lack of motivation. This is because the staff will feel neglected and undervalued by the management. Too much work on an employee will be seen to show how low the employess are considerd to be. Work should be evenly and reasonably distributed amongst all employees. Overtime work should also be rewarded with incentives and too much again should be discouraged. The staff members should not feel as a slave but a service provider. Poor maintenance of staff equipment would make an employee to be under motivated. With poor maintained equipments, employees are limited with time and energy since they take twice as long to an activity as they would with proper maintained equipments. Proper managed equipments motivate an employee to do their work faster and more efficiently. Use of poor working schedules and systems will be a cause of under motivation amongst the staff. This is because the staff will be confused as they do their daily chores since there are no clear systems to guide them through. Lack of a proper system of operations will...
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