Low Staff in Nursing Homes

Topics: Nursing home, Bill Clinton, President of the United States Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: November 30, 2005
In some nursing homes there is not enough staff to provide adequate care for residents. This causes neglect to residents who need consent care. Without consent care many residents face serious health problems and/or even death. One way of solving this problem is to increase staff in many of these facilities. One way of bringing this about is the H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant to fund the cost of training new recruits.

Nursing homes are requiring larger and larger amounts of staff to operate safely, "almost 96,000 full-time equivalent nurses and other health workers are needed in nursing homes" (Mantone). As more people require long-term care nursing homes must increase staff to meet the demands of a larger patient count. "Long-term care desperately needs newly trained nursing staff" (Stoil). Nursing homes will need to find a way to fill these positions.

The H-1B Grant would be a good way for nursing homes to train new staff at little or no cost to them. By Stoil's account "The H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant was created in 1999 to achieve a win-win outcome for employers who want to hire qualified Americans". This gives nursing homes the ability to train staff that does not have the experience, which maybe hard to find at their location. "The grants are awarded to community coalitions for the purpose of recruiting and training low-wage and younger workers and the unemployed for jobs requiring technical and academic skills" (Stoil). This option would benefit both the community and the nursing homes by making new jobs available and providing staff for the nursing home.

Another way for nursing homes to use federal funding is the bill passed by Bill Clinton. "President Clinton introduced a $1 billion plan to improve nursing home care and signed into law a bill to provide long-term care for government employees" (Baisden). This is another example of using federal money to train new employees. "Most of the money in the president's proposal would go to...

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