Low Life Expectancy

Topics: Africa, Life expectancy, AIDS Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: November 1, 2013

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Investigate two possible solutions to low life expectancy in the developing world. Word Count:757
Tutor: Scott Benson
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Date: 20/02/2013

Life expectancy is one of the most utilized measurements in the demographics of a country. Low life expectancy is generally found in developing countries as they have a lower quality of life, this generally occurs in countries in Africa such as Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Malawi as the standard of living is lower than in countries with higher life expectancies like Sweden, Iceland and Japan. Low life expectancy can occur for many reasons such as famine and poverty, war, disease and bad healthcare, which are some of the prominent issues in African countries. AIDS has been one of the most contributing factors in reducing these countries life expectancy and as the countries don’t have the resources or the technology to treat or contain the disease it has taken a huge toll on the lives of many Africans. In this essay I will investigate two possible to the low life expectancy that surrounds many developing countries.

Possible Solutions

A possible solution in the battle of low life expectancy is to deal with maternal and infancy mortality rates, the implementations would mean that both mothers and their children will receive better care while birthing and in infancy, this could have a large effect on the life span of both the mother and her children. As argued by Barry Mason (Mason, 2004) if female survives childhood in Sierra Leone she is likely to marry as a teenager and give birth to six children which will have a serious implication on her health, as well as her children which at least one is expected to die during infancy. Due to problems like this the average life expectancy of a female in Sierra Leone is 36 years as the rate of maternal mortality is 1000 in every 100,000 live births in the African region (World Health...
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