Low Involvement Ad

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The attached low involvement advertisement is a creative from the Wyeth Company for their product Chap Stick®. This ad was chosen because it is the definition of a low involvement ad. It uses the right consumer behavior principles for low involvement products. After glancing at this ad, it was clear the marketers utilize the peripheral route to persuasion in order to draw the target audience in. The image is simple and they do not use any message content to explain the product. Instead they use color and texture to persuade the consumer to use Chap Stick®.

The first noticeable attribute are the colors blue and white. This makes the ad very clean. I envision clean blue waters with clear blue skies and large billowy clouds. I feel the marketers want a consumer to view this ad as peaceful and pure and thereby subconsciously portraying their product as pure and healing. Another noticeable attribute would be the water pouring into moisturizer Chap Stick®. The marketers are using texture to communicate that their product will "quench the thirst" of dry, chapped lips. They want the consumer to focus on the wetness and the purity of water and associate this with the product. Notice the lack of words or explanation on the product. The marketers are purposely letting the image tell the story for their product.

I believe this product's target audience would be men of any age and women age 20 and older. This particular ad seems to appeal equally to both segments. Men would find this ad intriguing purely for the simplicity of it. There aren't many "feminine" characteristics in the ad. The colors are neutral, there aren't any flowery images. These things sometimes turn men off because they associate it with a women's product. . I believe the "moisture" effect would appeal to females age 20 or older. Teenagers and younger tend to look more at bright colors and scent/taste of Chap Stick® so I do not believe this ad would appeal to that segment. Females age 20 or older...
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