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Describe the legal requirements of airfield operations

Explain the implications of the legal requirements of airfield operations

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Low-cost carriers are no-frills airlines that offer cheap ticket fares to passengers who would like to fly at a minimal cost. Many low-cost carriers start to enter the aviation market which became one of the struggles to all major airlines that have already existed years back. Through the years, these types or airlines begin to expand and grow in the aviation industry which had affected all other organizations and airlines involved with the industry.

In this written report, I would briefly describe Low-cost carriers, including how they have entered the industry, how they operate, the legal requirements, competitions, example of these types of airlines, etc.

Low-cost Carriers

Low-cost carriers are also known as no-frills airlines. They require their customers to purchase tickets on a cheap price. The services offered by these airlines are very minimal, unlike other full-serviced airline does.

Low-cost carriers began with Southwest Airlines. It is one of the well-known successful airlines in the industry which is based in Dallas, Texas. Right now, they hold the title of being the world’s largest low-cost airline. They started flying short haul flights since 1971 and they are the first airline to sell cheap tickets to the passengers by removing additional services that other airlines provide and also the first to have frequent flyer programs. Southwest began to expand more after the Aircraft Deregulation Act of 1978. This made all airlines in the US free on deciding on their flight routes and the prices that they would charge for these flights. The strategies that Southwest Airlines have and the way they operate each of their flights, inspired all other business organizations to enter the aviation market as a low cost carrier.

Through the years, the growth and number of low-cost carriers have expanded in the aviation industry. The entry of many low-cost carriers led to a tighter market competition in the aviation market. These carriers aim to target those passengers who only travel on a short route or short-haul flights. They target people who are on a lower class and mid class since these peoples would like to save their cost and expenses on travelling.

But how do these low-cost carriers save and reduce their cost if they offer cheap fares to passengers? How do they fill-in what they’ve lost for selling cheap tickets? First, they choose destinations that are not well-known or popular. They choose airports that are not usually chosen by regional/major airlines for these airports would be less busy and there would be more efficiency on turning around their aircraft. This would also lessen the airlines’ expenses on aeronautical charges because secondary airports of cities/countries usually charges less for landing fees, passenger fees, aircraft parking fees, and etc.

Secondly, they charge each and every service that a passenger would ask for. They would charge their passengers for meals, drinks, baggage, in-flight entertainment, seat allocation and other extra service that a passenger would want to have.

Third, they ensure that there would be fewer time spent on the ground and more flights per day. Like all other airlines, low-cost carriers aim to have a faster turnaround. This could be done by having the right people handle the turnaround of the aircraft. The airline must ensure that they hire the people with right knowledge and that they train them to enhance their skills. The Airline should also choose aircrafts that would be faster to service and handled while on ground. It would be better if they also make use of one type of aircraft only. This would help them reduce the cost of maintenance and the training cost of their cabin crews and pilots. Two of the...

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