Low Agricultural Productivity

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June 1st 2011

Low agricultural productivity

Agriculture is the science and industry of managing the growth of plants and animals for make food for human as a food. In general, agriculture includes soil cultivation, growing and harvesting crops, rising and breeding livestock, dairy and forestry. There are many important sectors in the world and especially agriculture beside the other related sectors. It is very important for both physical and economical health. However, more than 60 percent of the world's population lives in rural areas. Many worldwide organizations are attempting to help these rural families by increasing their agricultural outputs and find ways to raise the productivity. However, this report will discuss the problem of low agricultural productivity and the world challenge, the main natural-human causes of decline in agricultural productivity including lack of water resources, the harmful effects of decline in agricultural productivity and the effects in our environment, and the ways that can improve and support the productivity in agriculture.

- What is the low agricultural productivity?

The most important world challenge that affects us is how to manage world environment. However, the problem is managing the rising demands of food. Ecosystems have been changed widely and faster by human more than ever in the last fifty years. Between 1960 to the end of the 20th century, population has doubled to sixty billion people and six fold.

Agricultural productivity declines because of the natural disasters, volcanoes, floods and the global warming. However, Industry and urbanization are related to the most natural disasters for example corruption lands, siltation of lakes and rivers, polluted soil by acidic rains and industrial trash.

In 1996, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports mentioned that industrial pollutions and urbanization are responsible of destroyed about 1.96 million hectare of land. For example, in sub urban Russian areas three percent only of land is produced about one third percent of the Russian Federation's food. About five million hectares of farms has destroyed, in China, due to the urbanization while The United States lost four hundred thousand hectares. All of these have their role in declining the agricultural productivity. According to FAO's only one hundred twenty species out of seven thousand are being cultivated for food. Low agricultural productivity comes as a result of unconcern and profiteering of people activities.

- What are the major causes of low agricultural productivity?

Agricultural production has affected by polluted air for more than hundred years. There are many gases that causing agricultural productivity. First, agriculture is polluted by poisonous sulfur oxides which produced from burning coal and chemicals. Second, the air around us, world soil and water resources are polluted by the very high levels of ammonia, chlorine, ethylene, mercaptans, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. Finally, we can classify the major pollutants to acidic gases, products of combustion and products of reactions in the air. However, there are many chemical causes such as ceramic producing, drilling, melting which are the causes of fluorides gases emission (Mishra, 2010).

Moreover, the use of chemicals that used in protecting plants from the blights and diseases causing pollution of lands immediately will decline the productivity. Also, there are other harmful pollutants that may enter the atmosphere from other source different than farming and agriculture which destroy the crops, are classified as acidic gases, combustions and reactions in the atmosphere.

In addition, there are many natural causes that decline the agricultural productivity. Soil corrosions because of the frequent floods and that caused loss of surface soil and that means decline the productivity. Also, frequent...
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