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Lovey, a Very Special Child

By youngghal80 Sep 26, 2005 297 Words
Lovey, A Very Special Child, is a book written by Mary MacCracken about her experiences working in a private school with children that have learning disabilities. Although at the time, Mary was not a certified teacher, she was still one of the best in the school. Therefore Mary was given the more difficult cases. One of those tough cases is a girl named Hannah. The book tells the story of how Mary makes a huge difference in the life of these children, particularly Hannah.

The classes that Mary teaches in this school are very small. There are three boys that have been with Mary in previous years. Their names are Rufus, Brian, and Jamie. At the start of a new year Mary finds out from the director of the school that they will also have Hannah in their class. Hannah comes to the school and it an absolute mess.

When she first gets there she hides in the closet, pounds her head on the floor, and refuses to participate in the class activities. Throughout the book, Mary spends time study her background, talking with her mother, and patiently working with Hannah and finally gains her trust. Hannah, whom Mary refers to as Lovey, has her ups and downs but in the end, she comes out of her shell and becomes a very loving and beautiful child.

I thought the book really demonstrated the patience and love teachers have to show to see their students succeed. It also helps you understand what emotionally disturbed children go through everyday. I thought it was an inspiring book that raised many emotions from the standpoint of the student and the teacher. It really shows what teaching is all about; helping others because you love them and the satisfaction it brings.

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