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Symbolism: A Personal Essay, Due Wednesday, November 28

What is symbolism?
Symbolism in literature is when a concrete object represents an abstract idea. There can be more than one meaning for a symbol, but each meaning must be an idea, not another object.

Your Task:

In a long paragraph / short essay, you will select an object that symbolizes YOU. It must symbolize three of your own personality or character traits.

You will select one object to represent yourself.
It must represent THREE of your traits, qualities or characteristics. You must then explain why the symbol represents each trait.
You must give an example (a story?) that shows how you have that trait.

Notes and Reminders:
- This is a personal essay and should be written using first person perspective; however, the tone should be formal and analytical. Do not use slang or casual language. - The symbol should not simply be an object that represents something that you like to do, with your examples being times that you participated in this activity.

Incorrect: Symbol: ice skates; Examples: I learned to ice skate when I was a toddler; I broke my leg when I was seven; I won an award when I was ten.

Correct: Symbol: ice skates; Examples: Sharp blade – Example that demonstrates that fact that I am very precise and exacting; Tight laces with rigid lacing pattern – Example that demonstrates the fact that I am tightly wound and not very flexible; Smooth white leather – Example that demonstrates the fact that I like everything to be very clean and neat. With this example, you would weave into your examples situations that relate to your life as a skater, and you obviously wouldn’t pick the symbol of an ice skate if you weren’t a skater, but the primary focus should be on how the traits of this object connect to your own personality traits.

Personal Symbolism Essay Planning Worksheet / Outline

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