Love vs Lust

Topics: Love, Feeling, If You Have to Ask, Romance / Pages: 3 (852 words) / Published: May 17th, 2015
Amariah DeAmusategui
AP Language and Composition-4th
17th January 2012
C&C Presentation
Love vs. Lust

Love is defined as something you earn or gain in months or even for some people years, lust is simply defined as something you can gain in a matter of weeks or in some cases minuets. Love is like a complicated puzzle that you can only put together with one other person. Lust can be like a puzzle too but if you have various people helping you day in and day out then some of the pieces might have gotten lost or rearranged. If you have a puzzle with lost or disarrayed pieces there won’t be anything left for that one person to put together. It may seem like a common cliché but loves does conquer all even if you’re the most pessimistic person out there, no one wants to put together a puzzle alone. Love is best defined as a feeling you get when you spin around in circles really fast. You feel out of breathe and everything loses its form right before your eyes. However unlike spinning around and having the ability to control whether you stop or not; when you’re in love you can’t control the spinning. Love isn’t an over-night pimple cure, love takes time to brew up and blossom into its full effect. Sometimes people prove their love by going out of their comfort zone. When Hercules went out of his way to the underworld to save Meg’s soul not only did this action prove his bravery but how committed he is to this one girl. Going out of your way for good reasons is love (mind you that you don’t have to go the underworld for it though.) Another part of love is the family. Family may not be important to your significant other but if you want to call it love you have to respect where your significant other came from. Being in love with someone also means having love for you. You have to be able to be comfortable with who you are because if you don’t like you then who would? Lust is a cruel act of an “in the moment” feeling with people you find attractive at that

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