Love vs. Infatuation in Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Love, Romeo and Juliet, Romance Pages: 3 (1266 words) Published: May 16, 2006
So you've done it. You've finally met someone special. You are wondering if he/she is the one. But how can you be sure if you are merely infatuated with the idea of this person, or if you have fallen head over heels in love with them? First, it would be helpful to know how these two aspects of our lives are alike and different from one another. Love and infatuation are similar because they both show signs of extreme devotion to another human being and involve two people who have strong feelings towards one another. They are different in the sense that love is a deep, meaningful feeling that takes time to develop and grow between two people's souls. Whereas, infatuation is merely the physical feeling towards someone's impression.

Love and infatuation are similar because they both share feelings between two people, they both are positive aspects of your life; things that put a bounce in your step, and they generally are new feelings for you. Love. Most people find it confusing, painful and real. It is all some can think about and others want to forget about it. You feel alive when you are in love, like nothing terrible can touch you. But when have it you are afraid of losing it, and when you have lost it you feel as though there is nothing left to live for. Most people mistake love for infatuation. An example of this is when Romeo becomes infatuated with Juliet in Shakespeare's timeless tale of two lovers of the past. He wore his heart on his sleeve, convinced that his love for Juliet at first was real. In fact, he only lusted for her physically, and didn't love her spiritually. How could he have? He had only met her once and they only shared a brief conversation. So, is Romeo the only person to ever mistake love for infatuation? The answer is no, and in fact, this is a common thing that happens in a lot of relationships between human beings. So, how are they similar? Love and infatuation are alike in the ways that they both involve two people, sexes...
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