Love: The Last Hope

Topics: Sierra Leone Civil War, Sierra Leone, Mattru Jong Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: October 15, 2008
When Everything Else is Gone, There is Always Love
In Ishmael Bach’s autobiography, a long Way Gone, he portrays himself as a young witness of the civil war in his home country Sierra Leone. Beach starts his personal journey at age twelve in his small village where he grew up and ends four years later when he escapes to Guinea. At the beginning of the story Beah is a bright, cheerful, and untroubled, but as the book continues Young Beah takes much pleasure in learning the lyrics to American rap songs and performing them at local talent shows. Little did he believe that his passion for rap music would restlessly save his life. As an adolescent Beach was enlisted in the army to help fight against the rebel uprisings in Sierra Leone. After being separated from his family it seems as though everything is gone from Beah, but there is always still love.

The theme when everything else is gone, there is always love is portrayed several times throughout the story. Beah had been separated from his family when he went to the next town to visit his grandmother and while there the rebels attacked, causing him not to be able to return. Beah loses his closet childhood friends one night trying to escape from the rebels. Beah develops a relationship with the soldiers that carry over into the love and friendship between Alhaji and him. Uncle Tommy shows love when he and his family make Beah a son and a brother. Love is also revealed through Laura and Ester who except him completely and welcome him into their home when he need help and love to recover from his troubles.

Love is shown in several aspects of this captivating heart-felt story. The reason Ishmael Beah survives in this story is because when all hope seemed lost his love endured. The band of six boys gave him strength to endure all the death evading torments that was his late childhood. Beah survived on the thought of love the thoughts of his family made him compelled him to seek revenge against the rebels when...
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