Love Story

Topics: Harvard University, Erich Segal, Love Story Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: February 6, 2006
By Erich Segal

The story is told from the viewpoint of a student of low at the Harvard University called Oliver Barrett. He is part of a rich famous family from Harvard.

During his senior year he met Jeniffer Cavilleri, a Radcliffe music student, who is yet to become his love. At the beginning their relationship didn't go so well and they tend to disagree a lot. Eventually they fell in love.

Oliver has a complicated relationship with his father, Oliver Barrett III, who is a bit cold and heartless.

When Oliver offers Jeniffer to marry him his father opposes to the marriage until Oliver finishes law school, and so they end their relationship.

Oliver and Jeniffer get married, but as Oliver's father was his only financial source till than, they had to live a very poor life. Oliver continues his studies and graduates Harvard Low School successfully. He now gets a job at a firm in New York and they live there a very high-standard and happy life.

During medical tests that Jeniffer takes after failing to get pregnant they discover she has a very bad Leukemia.

After a few months she dies. At the hospital, after departing from Jeniffer, Oliver meets his father who heard about Jenny's situation and came to comfort him. They hug and make up.

The opening scene in the book takes place in the Radcliffe library where Oliver meets Jeniffer. What caused me to carry-on reading the book was the way it was written and that I liked the way their friendship was developing, how they tease each other but really feel attracted to each other.

I think the climax is when Jeniffer dies and Oliver and his father make up, it is the most moving scene in the book.

I enjoyed very much reading this book mostly for how it was written and also because it was a very moving and beautiful one.
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