Love song, with two goldfish

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(Love song, with two goldfish.)

The poem, “love song, with two goldfish” by Grace Chua is about a romantic relationship of two goldfish that unlike a lot of love stories does not result in a happy ending. It seems as though in this poem, humans have been replaced with two goldfish; a man and a woman with very different wants and needs which ends in the woman leaving the man for ‘something more’, something that he cannot offer.

The title of the poem, ‘love song…’ straightaway informs the reader that the theme of the poem will be revolving around love. The title is enclosed by brackets, which suggest that two goldfish are in a confined area like that of a fishbowl. It highlights the theme of being trapped and the lack of freedom. The poem consists of five paragraphs, each of which is in brackets, which constantly reminds the reader of the fact that the two goldfish are in a small confined space.

The very first paragraph of the poem establishes the attraction the male fish feels towards the female fish through words like “always floating around her…” but at the same time talk of the fact that the male fish had nowhere else to go due to the fact that they live in a small fishbowl. Even though the male fish is said to be always floating around the female fish he is described a “drifter”, as someone who cannot stay in one place, which is ironic because they live in a small fishbowl and cannot explore or move around past it. Grace Chua also uses several puns in this paragraph such as, “drifter, always floating around her” and the fact that his lover gives him the “fish eye”. The use of these puns adds to the humor of the poem.

The second paragraph of the poem highlights the development of the relationship between the two goldfish. Through phrases like, “she makes fish eyes and kissy lips at him…” the poet makes clear of the fact that the female fish has finally began to notice the male fish. However there are two ways with which one can look at this...
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