Love: Small Family

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Advantages of a Big Family
A big family has some very strong advantages. First of all, it has a lot of members and there is more than one earning member in a large family. In addition, members can help each other in bad times. A large family has parents, children and uncles, aunties and grandparents. Therefore, children can enjoy the company of all the members. They are never alone. A large family also has a joyful atmosphere. Everyone has his/her story at the end of the day and they all sit and talk about their good experiences, their problems and possible solutions together. Finally, a large family can save money in various different ways. Because they all live together, the cost becomes low in total and they can save a lot. A large family is a lovely place to live in. Disadvantages of a Big Family

There are several disadvantages of having a big family. First of all, there is hardly any privacy. In a large family, you may have to share bedrooms with your sisters or brothers. It is hard to have any time alone because there are so many people living in one house. In addition, a large family often has more expenses than a small family. A large family has to budget their money so that everyone can have enough food and clothes to live. Sometimes, children or parents cannot buy what they want because they have to save money for others in the family. Finally, in a large family there is more responsibility on the parents to take care of all their children. It takes a lot of work by parents to make sure that all their children grow up to be good people. A large family is not easy to live in.

They cost a lot in order to feed and cloth every member
A lot of transport is required
Lots of time is needed with each child
There will be arguments

Advantages of small family
A small family has a lot of advantages. First of all, a small family is easy to maintain. It costs less money. In addition, a small family is helpful for the country...
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