Love Poem

Topics: Clumsy, Audience, Word Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 1, 2006
Frederic Nims describes the clumsiness of his love with material objects and contrasts this with her gracefulness with people to convey his love for her even with imperfections.
One of Nims central ideas for his poem focuses on the clumsiness of his lover. He uses imagery to help convey the poems meaning such as in the first three words of the poem starts with, ÒMy clumsiest dear, . . .Ó Right off the bat, it is noticeable that his lover is very important to him. The audience can tell this by noticing the first word of the poem, ÒMyÓ. The word ÒmyÓ represents ownership, it means that she is something he considers important enough to call it his. The second part of the first line is, Ò . . . whose hands shipwreck vases.Ó With the use of the word ÒshipwreckÓ, it gives the audience of how destructive the authorÕs love could be as her hands are described as a shipwreck. Even though the author is calling his lover clumsy and rather destructive, he actually exaggerates what he says with humor so that the audience understands that he really doesn't mind her clumsiness, like comparing her hands to such things like a ÒshipwreckÓ for example. Another image that helps convey the poemÕs meaning is the lines, Òso in loves unbreakable heaven/ our souls on glory of split bourbon float.Ó This is a line that really signifies his love for her even with all her clumsiness. He explains that they are so deeply in a love that her clumsiness cannot even ÒbreakÓ that love they have for each other. In the second part of the line, the author describes that their souls float on spilt bourbon, which shows that they are in a world of happiness, yet there is still the presence of her faults.

Even though he makes various points about her clumsiness, he equally glorifies the contrast of her clumsiness with her gracefulness with people. One image he uses is when he writes, Òonly with words and people and love you move at ease.Ó This points out that with al her clumsiness, the only time she...
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