Love On The Inside Looking Out

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Love On The Inside Looking Out:

A song can bring so many emotions out. Just by simple lyrics, it could change the mood of how someone feels. Many songs take the mind on a journey to another place. If the song talks about love, someone might think of the person that they’re in a relationship with. Some people may reminisce of all the good times that they have shared with that special person. A heartbreak may also come to mind with dealing with love. Some songs are literal and say exactly what it means. On the other hand, some songs have multiple metaphors and it makes the mind wonder. The song “ They Don’t Know About us” is about a young couple being in love.

Many people say that they shouldn’t be with the person who they share their love with, but they are wrong. People could say what they want to about their relationship, but truly, no one know how they feel about each other except for them. If someone is in love, they could relate to this song. Many people do not care about what people say about them when they find the person they have been looking for. By reading these lyrics, people could put themselves in this couple’s situation. They would not be the people on the outside looking in, but the inside looking out. There is a whole different viewpoint that person is actually put in the situation. There are not any metaphors located in this, everything is literal. That is what people enjoy the most about “ They don’t know about us.”

In this song “ They Don’t Know About Us”, there are five different singers singing the song. They are all in the group called One Direction. For each stanza, the song is sung by a different music artist within the same group. The first stanza of the song is sung by Liam from One Direction and it states: “ People say we shouldn’t be together/ We’re too young to know about forever/ But I say they don’t know what they’re talk-talk-talkin’ about” (lines 1-3). This stanza tells how this couple shouldn’t be together because of their age. People tend to say that they are too young to know what love is. People could say what they want to but they do not know what they are talking about. This is what is stated in stanza one.

The second stanza is sung by Harry from One Direction and it says: "Cause this love is only getting stronger/ So I don’t wanna wait any longer/ I just want to tell the world that you’re mine girl” (lines 4-6). The fourth line tells how the love that they have for each other is getting stronger. No one could come in between what they have for one another. The fifth lines talks about how he will not wait any longer. He doesn’t want to keep the love held in. The sixth lines tells how he just wants to tell the world that she is his. Harry no longer cares what people think of them being together.

The third stanza is the chorus, which is repetitive. The third stanza is sung by Zayn: “ They don’t know about the things we do/ They don’t know about the “I love you’s” (lines 8-9). These two lines tell how no one knows what they do inside closed doors or from what no one sees. People also don’t know about how much they say I love you throughout the day. He also states: “But I bet if they only knew/ they would just be jealous of us” ( lines10-11). What he is saying in these two lines is that they would be jealous if they really knew what a relationship was capable of. The next two lines that he talks about in the song is: “ They don’t know about the up all nights/ They don’t know Ive been waiting all my life” (lines 12-13). The up all nights could be the phone conversations that are being held or it could even be the thought of thinking about that other person. The thought of thinking about that special person is keeping him up all night. He has been waiting all of his life to find the one he has been searching for. He feels complete that he finally has what he have been waiting for. The...
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