Love, Loss, Literature

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Love, Loss, Literature
Pablo Neruda and William Butler Yeats were two famous poets during their time – two people from two different times, different geographies, different cultures, different languages, same style. Their writing are structured around experience and arriving at the personal truth – the more personal they wrote, the more people they reached. They both discovered their identity through writing about love and loss. Pablo Neruda was born Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in Parral in 1904. Parral is a small town in central Chile. His father was a poor railway worker named don José del Carmen Reyes Morales. Neruda's mother was Rosa Basoalto de Reyes. She was a school teacher that died of tuberculosis when Neruda was an infant. Don José Carmen, Pablo’s dad, took his sons and moved in 1906 to Temuco, where he ended up getting married to Trinidad Candia Marvedre. Neruda began writing poetry in 1914 when he was the age of ten. Then he met the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral when he was 12 years old. She encouraged his writings. Neruda's first serious achievement was the writing of an article that appeared in the magazine La Manana in 1917. Soon to follow was one of his may poems called ‘Mis ojos', which appeared in Corre-Vuela in 1918. His family did not approve of his literary work and so he began to publish using the name Pablo Neruda which was first marked when he published poems in the magazine Selva Austral. Starting in 1921, Pablo studied French at the Instituto Pedagógico in Santiago. Then in 1924 Pablo Neruda gained fame around the world as a writer due to the publication of his most famous book VEINTE POEMAS DE AMOR Y UNA CANCÍON. Verses in the book are recited by a large amount of Latin Americans from any conceivable background and is known as the bible for many young lovers of the book. At the age 23 he held a diplomatic position and continued his literary works. He later married at the age of 30 to María Antonieta Hagenaar, a Dutch woman who couldn't speak Spanish. They soon separated in 1936. He married a couple more times, but was not able to keep the sparks flying. He was later exiled, and later produced CANTO GENERAL in 1950, a monumental work of 340 poems. Pablo continued to travel, but died of leukemia in Santiago on September 23, 1973. Neruda produced more than forty volumes of poetry, translations, and verse drama. Neruda is recognized to be among the major poets of the twentieth century. The events throughout Pablo Neruda’s life have influenced his writings. Neruda was an inexhaustible and adventurous writer and was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1971. He went through many different stages throughout his long career. His poetry consistently rejoices: love, nature, human experience, and in certain instances his writings were intensely political due to the fact of the political statures throughout his life. William Butler Yeats’s, unlike Pablo Neruda, took elements from Irish mythology, Greek mythology, English iterature, Byzantine art, European politics, and Christian imagery, and wounded them up all together also informed with his own experience and interpretive understanding. He never fully incorporated his Protestant past nor joined the majority of Ireland’s Roman Catholics, but he was devoted to studying in countless other subjects including theosophy, mysticism, spiritualism, and the Kabbalah. William Butler Yeats was born on June 13, 1865, in the seaside village of Sandymount in County Dublin, Ireland. His mother was Susan Mary Pollexfen who was the daughter of a man in a wealthy family from County Sligo. William’s mother introduced him, his two sisters, Susan Mary and Elizabeth Corbet, and his younger brother Jack Butler Yeats, to the folk tales that he would grow up to love. His father moved the family to London in search of a career as an artist. William attended the Godolphin School in Hammersmith before the family moved back to Dublin. This is...
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