Love Letter from Mr.Physics

Topics: General relativity, Mass, Earth Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Love letter from Mr.Physics to Ms. Physics
28 January 2011

A love letter from Mr. Physics to Ms. Physics
Hi Miss Physics,
How r u? With the blessings of earth’s gravitational force, I am living on the earth and hope you too. I always want the force of attraction between us to be more, for that reason we should always be closer to each other because, as Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation states the force of attraction between two masses is inversely proportional to the square of distance between us ( Fa m1.m2/ d2) or F=G m1.m2/d2, where G is gravitational constant and its value 6.67 10 Nm2/Kg2. My inertia of love is always greater than inertia of hate for you. So I am coming to meet you on this Saturday in my new car with a uniform velocity, where acceleration is 0(zero), in 20 minutes. Now you can calculate the distance between you and me by yourself. In voltammeter, you’ll be always in cathode and I will always in anode so that my love will be electroplated on you by the process of love plating. This time please hump the voltage of your beauty because I have already lost the resistance of 5 last times when I met you and got 100 amps. Current. I always want to keep you in between focal point and optical center so that magnified; virtual image of yours is formed. But due to total internal reflection, you are always far from me like mirage. I am sending you this message through ultra sound with a frequency of about 30 KHz. Please respond to it as fast as possible, like acid base reaction where you may use a sweet kiss as catalyst. Last but not the least, please always be in the South Pole and I will be in the North Pole so that there is always attraction between us with no sign of repulsion. And our meeting point will be as usual, neutral point. Urs truly

Mr. Physics
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