Love Letter

Topics: Love Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Farsi Love Letter for you

No.... Obviously I didnt make this one :P Someday, I will learn farsi... somehow. Lol But whatever it is that is said in this letter.... I completely agree ,, hehhe

I have no clue what it says in that picture but I love the way the girl’s hair and the guy flying with the wind :P. Muhahaha I will be that girl being all snobby and you’ll be that guy who’s dying for my love :P ( I wish ) I just hope there’s nothing bad or yeahs in this farsi letter cause it’d be uncool. Well, actually, you probably would think it’s awesome. Cause you know you’re.. yeah :P Wait can you even read them? They’re too tiny. Oh well :P Hero Touraj,

Remember this day Cutie?… Well.. I do .Happy 2nd Monthsary!!! Gosh... time sure does fly.. It’s our 60th day being together. I still can’t imagine we’re going out. Lol sorry :P. You know I was thinking about this day when we went to seat on that bench outside of metro mall and thinking that what we have is just like one of those silly romantic comedy chick flicks I love to watch. You know what I mean, the girl and guy meet, a series of crazy and improbable events happen, they fight then they make up and end up together. I was just thinking that our love has been sort of like that, but in reality. We’ve already had our ups and downs, but still we stood for each other. Your sense of caring, loving, understanding and your lovely smile keeps me going whenever I’m down. Nothing in this world could be as wonderful as the profound love you’ve given me . You have been there for me through everything. You became my source of inspiration and one of the main reasons why I get up for school and get good grades, work enthusiastically in my workplace, and face my doctor’s appointments bravely. And if it’s okay with you I kind of want to keep this good thing going and remain together forever. But of course, only if it’s okay with you. Never mind, don’t answer that.hehehe. I still feel like a kid with you all...
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