Love Is a Fallacy

Topics: Love, Character, Logic Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: July 25, 2013
This short story is about two roommates and a girl. The first guy who is the main character possesses a “dynamo” brain as mentioned in the story, a law student and is only 18 years old. His roommate on the other hand is Petey Bellows who is dumb and very much attracted to the latest fashion trends around him like what the Big Men on their campus wear, raccoon coats. The main character is very in love with Petey’s girl, Polly Epsy who is the most elegant and the most gorgeous girl he have ever seen. The way she eats and walks has the word elite on it. She was all he ever wanted, and all an intellectual guy like him would ever need. So, they made a deal of exchanging what they have. The main character will give his raccoon coat to Petey but on the other hand, Petey must let him date Polly. He started to date Polly and he realized that they are the exact opposite because despite Polly’s outside look, she is so unintelligent. So he has this mission to teach Polly everything he knows about the fallacies of logic so that Polly would be the perfect fit for the main character’s standards for a wife. It took him a night to make a perfect girl. And after that intellectual date, he decided to make their next dates romantic. After five nights, he finally had the courage to tell Polly his feelings that he loved him but he was shocked to the way Polly replied to his words, that is, in a way that she make use of the fallacies. He told her that he doesn't have to apply the fallacies all the time because these fallacies are only taught inside a four-walled room but Polly still continued to reply him on those fallacies. Then he asked her directly if she'd accept his love. But he was surprised when she refused, and the reason is because she promised Petey she'll be his that afternoon. He was furious, and asked her the question: "how could you choose Petey Bellows over me? Look at me—a brilliant student, a tremendous intellectual, a man with an assured future. Look at Petey—a...
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