Love Is Like a Roller Coaster

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Love is Like a Roller Coaster
Have you ever heard the saying a relationships are like riding a roller coaster? Loving somebody is often compared with riding a roller coaster, and clearly not in vain. Relationships between two people are similar to a roller coaster. They both have their ups and downs. Both situations can make you feel fear and risk, when you feel that not everything is on you. I was face with a relationship that I would consider a roller coaster. I will compare your first roller coaster ride to being in relationship with someone you love from my own personal experience.

First I’m going to discuss your first roller coaster ride. I know everyone remember that one roller coaster ride that they got on again and again. When you first stood in line waiting to get on the ride, you had so much excitement. You couldn’t wait to ride the roller coaster and have so much enjoyment. Once you’re on the roller coaster, you can’t wait for it to start. Once the roller coaster ride starts you enjoying the smooth ride and before you know it, you have hit your first loop. That loop freaked you out and you more than scared and don’t know what’s coming next. Then you’re back to your smooth roller coaster ride for a few seconds and you hit that sharp turn that no one was expecting. Before you know it the roller coaster has did turns and loops that have really got you either loving this ride or hating you ever got on it. Once off the ride you have this moment thinking did I really just do this. Either you are going to want to ride this again and again or you will want to ride another for this moment of excitement.

I know you are truly wondered how this roller coaster ride compares to being in a relationship. That’s just it. You never know what you get when you’re in a relationship with someone. Just like when you first get on to a roller coaster and you have eagerness to get on the ride, it’s just like when you get into relationship and you are so eager to be...
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