Love is Ephemeral?

Topics: Fiction, Marriage, Short story Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: September 29, 2014

Is Love Ephemeral?

So much of what we do is lost and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves. In the short story, “One of His Good Days”, by Laurence Hill, defines the idea that love is ephemeral. Love is a bond between mortal beings. But what happens when that bond is broken because of an illness? Can you love someone and not be in love with them? To prove this, the author uses the literary technique known as tone to show the reader how the characters feel about their situation they are in. Another literary technique the author uses to demonstrate the theme is characterization. Hill uses characterization in the story by showing the actions of the characters. Therefore, Hill uses the literary techniques of tone and characterization to develop the controlling idea that love is ephemeral. Hill uses tone to show the reader how Charlotte’s emotions get in the way of her love for Francis. Love is a dark and intangible feeling that can expose its targets to danger, pain and suffering. After the car accident that Francis had, Charlotte was taking care of him and was nurturing him in any way she could. But it came to a point when Charlotte realized she was no longer his wife and only a caregiver to him. And that’s when her love died for Francis. For instance, Francis wants her to stay downstairs with him for the night when she responds, “I want to sleep. I haven’t slept in a month. She had hardness to her voice that he hadn’t heard before […] he tried to look in her eyes. She turned her head away”. (9). Charlotte found it suffocating to be around Francis twenty four seven looking after him as if he was a baby. She was tired and reached her limit, which is why she couldn’t look at him any longer. And when she did look at him, she would “stare at him with eyes like empty saucers”. (9). It was not only Francis who was suffering, but Charlotte to, and she did not want the love for her husband to have a dark and miserable end. Hill uses characterization of Charlotte to...

Cited: Hill, Laurence. “One of His Good Days.” Descant 100. 29:1. Spring (1998): 125-131.
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