Love in L.A.

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Draft 1: Character Analysis

The story “Love in L.A.” by Dagoberto Gilb, is about how a man lies to a woman about a car accident they just got into. This story has nothing to do with love, Jake, the main character, is manipulative liar. He lies about mostly everything and thinks he can get away with it. If you’re really attracted to someone, you wouldn’t lie to them to just get what you want. Jake, is a young man driving through L.A. in his ’58 Buick. He starts to daydream about getting new stuff for his car, changing his wardrobe, getting a new job, and the advantages of getting one. He then hits another car while he was daydreaming. He stops and gets out. The woman, Mariana, tries to do the right thing and gets out, and asks for his information. He attempts to sidetrack her, “…any damage to the car? I’m kinda hoping so, just so it takes a little more time and we can talk some. Or else you can give me your phone number now and I won’t have to lay my regular b.s. on you to get it later.” (Gilb 44) This quote right here shows that he’s trying to distract her. Jake isn’t even talking about the accident anymore, and he basically tells her he just wants her number to try and Fitzgerald 2

talk to her. He basically states it himself. Mariana should have realized right there that he was up to no good. And as for Jake, he shouldn’t have said that to her because that just proves that he’s a liar. Then, if it couldn’t get worse, he lies to her about where he lives, his phone number and his insurance company. “He considered giving her a real phone number but went against that idea and made one up. “I act too,” he lied to enhance the effect more. “Been in a couple of movies” She smiled like a fan.” Now Jake is just trying to distract her from the whole accident by saying he’s an actor, after he just said he was a musician and she didn’t seem too impressed. But who doesn’t love an actor, right? She seems a little bit convinced at first. She gives him her phone...
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