Love Hate Poem

Topics: 2007 singles, Debut albums, 2006 singles Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: November 22, 2005
How is it I love you, and I don't even like you?
If you weren't such a pretty girl,
I would prolly want to fight you
You perturb me, to say the least
But if love is a food to be eaten
What I have is a feast
I don't understand it, how could this be
How come I'm jealous when you're with anyone but me
It's not my place cuz we already settled and moved on in life The only thing moving on did for me, was to bring me strife
I haven't seen you for months yet you fill my head
At least 15 minutes a day do I wish I was dead
And today is extra long, these feelings for you
I'm so anxious and scared because you'll be here soon
My first love, is far from what you see on TV
And those feelings they fake, me, I have them for real, times three I can't believe I'm writing this, cuz I know it's just pain
When I let you read this, on that soon to come day
And like you don't know how I feel, I'll try and make you too I'm just scared that the one who doesn't feel it is you
How can it be I'm in this improbable place
This place that shows me only your beautiful face
I used to think people were dumb, saying it hurt so much
Till it was me when I almost cried cuz I couldn't feel your touch Goddamnit I need to stop it, cuz your not mine to be with
I moved on like my true heart was just an old myth
This is so fuckin selfish, to only think of what hurts my soul But you never talk to me, so it's gotten out of control
I think all it is, is my emotional immaturity
You showed me my first love and pain and my first security
If I love you so much, then why do I kiss another
Made a mistake, thought of you and told the other I loved her

I flew across the world, just to be by your side
Yet when I was there, you made me want to run and hide
I want to cry and think it couldn't be true
That you were the one I fell in love with, the same one that I hated too You were the second girl that I ever screamed at
The first was my false sister, Both times my heart was an...
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