Love Essay

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What is Love? I remembered in elementary this part of in a slum-book and each of my classmates have one and I need to answer all of the pesky slum-book. Many people see Love in different ways. From puppy Love to a strong relationship that lasts till lifetime. And as we grow older, our view eventually grows deeper and more mature. We will not be even here if not because of Love by our family. There is also Love that we have for GOD and for our friends. Each of this is controlled, if not sufficed, by our norms, traditions and beliefs. Sometimes Love is fatal as others will tend to kill just to be Loved.

Let me tell you a Love story that I knew from one of my friends. During his elementary days, this guy is in Love with their classmates who has higher honor than him. To impress the girl, he took the challenge to be on par with her but he cannot as he’s still out of par from her. And this girl has the thing to their dumbest classmates. Isn’t it ironic then? Well, they are just beginners in Love back then but they are now living together, though not married. How will you rate this kind of Love then? Are they fated to be together or is it really Love that mattered? Do you need Love to be married to someone? Should we believe on fate and destiny when loving? Some do believe that it is fate and destiny, and if you find your destined partner, go grab and never let go.

The questions above are just a beginning of a journey that we must partake in order to be happy in love. Happiness is only just one factor that we apply for us to Love someone. But sometimes, this takes a big part in loving someone. Being true to your feeling, as they say, also gives a big role in being happy in Love. But sometimes, this truth hurts those that we Love. Does this bring happiness or sadness? So Love, in a sense, is sadness relative to its negative aspect. Have you broken someone’s heart and love before? Did you continue living your life after the breakup? Some may have...
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