Love Calls Us to the Things of the World

Topics: Soul, Stanza, Reality Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Sara Linderman
“Love Calls Us to the Things of This World”
Wilbur’s poem “Love Calls Us to the Things of This World” speaks of a man or woman who has arose from a night’s sleep. They wake with heavy eyes, relaxed muscles and confusion. As they lay look at the “angels” outside they realize they have to awake and haste the day with open arms. No matter how dark and evil the world can be one has to love it no matter what to embrace it. When reading more into Wilbur’s poem one is faced with the reality or life and the perception of a spiritual soul. Being the unrealistic people that we are, we would love to live in our dreamland because it gives the word impossible a whole new meaning, everything is possible and evil may not be a choice in ones dream. However, we have to take on our reality and grab it and run with it. In the start of Wilbur’s poem he gives up leeway into our spiritual which is captured by the angels roaming in the sheets and giving them life. The next few stanzas open us up to the mortal world where it is inevitable to avoid. Both sections are intertwined by one concept and that is called “love”. There is a certain kind of love for our spiritual world and there is a certain kind of love for our real world. The question is van one find that happy medium? The pulleys awake the man or woman but not completely, just enough for them to realize that they do not want to wake up. The world stands still for this person. The laundry is “awash with angels”; it moves clean though the air. In line nine one feels the affect of the “calm swells” which gives the person the feeling of comfort that the spirits bring. The transition begins when the person realizes that the angels are all around at all times the “omnipresence” gives us this interpretation. When the persons “soul shrinks” they realize that the real world is approaching when the wake up and they need to embrace it. “The punctual rape of every blessed day”, gives one the pessimistic view on looking...
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