love at first sight

Topics: Hug, Cursive, Minnie Mouse Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 18, 2013
My almost first kiss

In the second grade, I had my first boyfriend. It all started the first day of school when he complimented my pigtails and my Minnie Mouse overalls. That was the moment I knew he was, "the one". His name was William. William and I would have lunch together every single day. He would share his lunchables and bring an extra caprisun for me. During recess, he would push me on the swings and we would race into the sunset, or at least until recess was over. He called me every night after dinner and we talked on the phone for five whole minutes. During class, we would pass notes and we'd get in trouble by the teacher, but it was worth it. Needless to say, it was love. One day, William decided to invite me to his 8th birthday party. I knew we were progressing in our relationship, because I was the only girl he invited. The day of William's birthday party flew by. As soon as I knew it, everyone was picked up by their punctual mothers. When we were finally alone, William asked me if I wanted to see his treehouse. Every seven/eight year old knows what "you want to see my treehouse?" means. It means that he's finally open about accepting my love and metaphorically inviting me into his heart. So like any other seven year old girl would say, I said, "I would love to!". When we were in his treehouse, he suddenly turned to me and said, "Susie, I think you're the coolest girl ever and you have really pretty cursive writing." He always had a way with his words. I replied with, "Will, can I call you Will? Will, I think you're the fastest boy in the second grade." We stared into each others eyes as the moonlight reflected upon our cheeks, and the cool wind made my hair dance as one with the wind. Will tamed my loose strands and tucked them behind my ear. In one quick, swift move, he embraced me and we hugged passionately. The hug was firm, yet gentle. He held me in his arms for what felt like forever. Out of the blue, he jerked me back and we exchanged a...
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